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Waterisotopes Database Template (.xlsx)

Data in the Waterisotopes Database are compiled from numerous contributors worldwide. We welcome new contributions of data, published or unpublished, for inclusion in the database. Your contributions increase the value of the resource to the community and also offer a means of archiving data and ensuring its future accessibility.

In order to streamline the addition of data to the database, we have provided a Microsoft Excel template above that mirrors the structure of the database itself. Providing new contributions using this template will ensure the rapid and accurate addition of your data. Please refer to the sheet named "TableHeaderDescriptions" for information on the types of information and formatting required. Only a small subset of fields are required, but the more information you can provide the more useful your data will be to others. Contributions can be sent as email attachments to Gabe Bowen.

In addition to providing a template for the contribution of existing datasets, we hope that this file will be of use to researchers as they design and complete new water isotope sample collection activities. The metadata structure reflected here is designed to capture essential information for a wide variety of water sample types. It is not comprehensive or appropriate for every project, but in our experience provides a balance between detail, flexibility, and standardization that facilitates the integration of many types of samples in a single database.

Lastly, researchers who are submitting water samples for analysis by the SIRFER lab at the University of Utah and wish for their data to be archived in the Waterisotopes Database can provide sample metadata by emailing a completed copy of this template (Sites, Samples, and Projects sheets only) to the SIRFER lab manager along with their sample submission request. The metadata will be imported and automatically matched with the water isotope data when your analyses are completed. Data will initially be marked as "Proprietary", meaning that only sampling sites and summary information (dates, numbers of analyses) will be visible in the web portal. Once you are ready to release your data for public download just send us an email.


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