Web links to other sources of information on H- and O-isotopes in water

Isotope data and monitoring programs

  • The Global Network for Isotopes in Precipitation homepage. Access to the most comprehensive collection of precipitation water isotope ratio measurements available. Now requires that you establish a user account.
  • Two high-density, precipitation monitoring networks have been established in North America.  The isotope hydrology group at the University of Waterloo has been conducting and compiling measurements of the stable isotope composition of precipitation at a number of sites in Canada for several years now (AGU abstract).  Measurements on archived NADP precipitation samples from the US are being made by a team including Jeff Welker and Jim White (Welker, 2000; AGU abstract).

Other water isotope mapping programs

  • IsoMAP is a new web-GIS workspace that allows you to develop, analyze, and download your own isoscapes.
  • The Isoscapes project to extend stable water isotope predictions through ecological systems.
  • An extensive set of maps and animations produced by a goup at the University of Waterloo in association with the IAEA.
  • Maps of δ2H values for North American growing-season precipitation by Tim Meehan.

Groups that are using geospatial water isotope predictions

  • The isotope forensics program at the University of Utah.
  • IsoForensics, a stable isotope contract company for forensics.
  • TRACE, a European Comission project to develop traceability for food products.
  • Dirk Sachse, formerly of the Max Planck biogeochemistry group, and collagues, who are studying biomarker proxies for paleoclimate.
Isoscapes: Understanding Movement, Pattern, and Process on Earth Through Isotope Mapping
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