Gabriel Bowen

I am a Professor of Geology & Geophysics at the University of Utah, a member of the U's Global Change and Sustainability Center, and direct the SPATIAL research group and lab.

Find more information on our research group here.

Primary Collaborators

Andrea Dutton

University of Florida

Jim Ehleringer

University of Utah

Keith Hobson

Univerisity of Guelph

Dave Podlesak

Los Alamos National Lab

Annie Putman

University of Utah

Justin Revenaugh

University of Minnesota

Karan Sequeira

University of Utah

Len Wassenaar


Jeff Welker University of Alaska, Anchorage
Jason West

Texas A&M

Isoscapes: Understanding Movement, Pattern, and Process on Earth Through Isotope Mapping
(ed. West, Bowen, Dawson and Tu; Springer)
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