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Please acknowldge the use of data from the OIPC in scientific publications and presentations by citing the following sources:

1) Data product:

Bowen, G. J. (Year) The Online Isotopes in Precipitation Calculator, version X.X. http://www.waterisotopes.org.


2) Method:

Mean annual: Bowen G. J. and Revenaugh J. (2003) Interpolating the isotopic composition of modern meteoric precipitation. Water Resources Research 39(10), 1299, doi:10.129/2003WR002086. (for annual average values)


Monthly: Bowen G. J., Wassenaar L. I. and Hobson K. A. (2005) Global application of stable hydrogen and oxygen isotopes to wildlife forensics. Oecologia 143, 337-348, doi:10.1007/s00442-004-1813-y. (for monthly average values)


3) Data source:

All locations: IAEA/WMO (2015). Global Network of Isotopes in Precipitation. The GNIP Database. Accessible at: https://nucleus.iaea.org/wiser.

USA: Welker J.M., 2000. Isotopic (d18O) characteristics of weekly precipitation collected across the USA: An initial analysis with application to water source studies. Hydrological Processes 14, 1449-1464.

Isoscapes: Understanding Movement, Pattern, and Process on Earth Through Isotope Mapping
(ed. West, Bowen, Dawson and Tu; Springer)
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