Spatio-temporal Isotope Analytics Lab (Spatial)
Professor Gabriel Bowen
University of Utah - Department of Geology & Geophysics







The Lab

The SPATIAL group manages a sample preparation and analysis facility in the Sutton Building which provides resources for physical sample preparation, wet chemistry, field sampling, and water isotope anlaysis.

Welcome to the lab!

Three of our Picarro CRDS H2O isotope analyzers. Two are set up to analyze liquid water samples and one for water vapor.

Shelves for sample storage, chemical fume hood for wet chemistry work, and bench space for sample preparation.

The mighty microbalance!

Desk space and our binocular microscope/carbonate microsampling setup.

Bench space for sample preparation.

Centrifuge and a second chemical fume hood.

Picarro CRDS H2O isotope analyzer set up to analyze water vapor being sampled above the roof of the 8-story Browning building.

TOC/TIC analyzer for liquid and solid samples.


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