Wasatch Plateau, Utah 2008

Collaborator Leif Tapanila admiring the scenery

Axhandle Canyon, where sediments of the North Horn Formation spanning the Paleocene-Eocene boundary are exposed.

Lacustrine limestone beds of the Flagstaff Fm.

Gabe Bowen, undergraduate assistant Jonathan Foreman, and grad student Justin VanDeVelde near Axhandle Canyon..

Gabe, Brenda, Leif, and some July snow on the plateau

Ferron Mountain, on the Wasatch Plateau, is composed of early Paleogene carbonates of the Flagstaff Formation.

Dead trees: bark beetles at work

Harmonica Point, displaying outcrop of Flagstaff carbonates and underlying North Horn clastic sediments

Gypsum in several growth habits

On Cove Mountain, carbonates of the Flagstaff Formation are extensively dolomitized, and deposition of evaporite minerals such as gypsum indicate severe desiccation of the ancient lake.