Spatio-temporal Isotope Analytics Lab (Spatial)
Professor Gabriel Bowen
University of Utah - Department of Geology & Geophysics








gabeThe SPATIAL group combines stable isotope techniques with field and laboratory data, modeling, and statistical/data science tools to tackle big-picture problems in the Earth and environmental sciences.

Our research activities are currently structured around four main themes:

  • Paleoclimate
    • Developing Bayesian statistical approaches to improve quantitative interpreation of proxy data
    • Proxy development and proxy system modeling for continental deep-time climate archives
    • Reconstructing coupled climatic, carbon/water cycle, and ecological change over timescales from the Holocene to the Cenozoic
  • Hydrology
    • Investigating how critical zone processes structure the terrestrial water cycle at scales from soils to cities to the globe
    • Applying novel isotopic data to quantitatively partition evapotranspiration across ecosystem types and climate regimes
  • Forensics & Migration Ecology
    • Quantifying forensically-relevant patterns of isotopic variation in natural and human-dominated environmental systems
    • Using field data and modeling to understand how environmental isotope sigantures are transferred to plant and animal tissues
  • Informatics
    • Exploring novel models for developing and populating community data archives
    • Developing web-GIS interfaces enabling universal access to geochemical databases and models

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