Spatio-temporal Isotope Analytics Lab (Spatial)
Professor Gabriel Bowen
University of Utah - Department of Geology & Geophysics








gabeThe SPATIAL group applies light stable isotope ratio measurements in combination with a range of other field and laboratory data and modeling to large-scale problems in the Earth and environmental sciences.  Areas of current research emphasis include:

  • Paleoclimate reconstruction
    • Developing isotopic proxies for past climatological and environmental conditions
    • Improving models for the interpretation of isotopic proxy data
    • Applying isotopic, geochemical, and sedimentological proxy data to identify and understand paleoclimatological, paleohydrological, and paleoecological change
  • Hydrology
    • Developing sampling networks to document large-scale isotopic variation in the water cycle
    • Applying GIS analysis of H and O isotope data to map and quantify water fluxes in human-hydrological systems
  • Forensics
    • Developing databases and models for the spatiotemporal distribution of environmental isotopes
    • Using isotopic measurements to infer the origin or history of evidentiary materials
  • Informatics
    • Developing web-GIS interfaces enabling universal access to geochemical databases and models

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